I graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California and am a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist. I've enjoyed the opportunity to enhance and restore my patients' quality of life for the past 10 years and I continue to take pleasure in treating a wide variety of conditions and age groups.

My history of participation in many activities throughout my life such as Dance, Skiing Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Surfing, Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing, Water-skiing, Rock Climbing, Stand-Up Paddling (ocean, flatwater and whitewater), and Yoga; through which I sustained many injuries that I rehabilitated. My commitment to functional fitness, CrossFit and weight training has helped me perform better with sports as well as improve my overall fitness, improve my strength, mental toughness and I have actually surpassed what my body could do previously due to injury.

I love to learn and my continued education is focused on manual therapy combined with functional assessment and sports rehabilitation to transfer my treatment from the clinic to real life. Most recently I am working to develop pre-season, injury prevention sports screenings for youth and high school students, along with athletes of all ages, in order to uncover biomechanical factors that may predispose individuals to injury. I possess advanced certifications with Dry Needling, Functional Assessments, and various Manual Therapy Techniques.

My pursuit of fun can involve my surfboard, snow skis, yoga mat, rock climbing gear, running shoes or one of my bikes, while accompanied by my husband Allan, daughter Tiare and Australian Shepard Kekoa.