Optimize movement to gain your infinite motion

Founded by Dr. Jami M Cheateaux, PT, DPT, CSCS, OCS


Infinite Motion Physical Therapy believes the true key to your infinite motion lies within optimizing the way you move to keep you moving. This requires a skilled, individual approach to determine the appropriate treatment and exercise prescription to restore your potential with the activities you love.

My practice is focused on helping you perform your best with whatever activity you love to do. Recovery from injury along with improved performance rely on similar principles of efficiency with body mechanics. When we utilize alignment in optimal movement patterns our bodies can increase the output we produce. Thus we are capable of improving strength, helping our bodies do more, with less incidence of breakdown. My evaluations search for the root of dysfunctional movement patterns and address them to improve performance.

I specialize in detecting these movement pattern dysfunctions in many areas. From activities of daily function to Crossfit or Dance, gymnastics, yoga, running, snow sports and many team sports. I treat a wide variety of age ranges and abilities. All sessions are one on one with me and last about 1 hour. Longer treatment sessions allow for more time spent on not only body work but progressions of home exercises and functional / sport specific exercises that relate to your individual goals. This can be accomplished in many cases with less overall visits. This helps you progress and maintain benefits with a goal of self management, injury prevention and improved performance.

Come see how good your body is designed to feel and move.