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ICE -Cert, Cert- CMFA, CF- Lv2



Dr Jami Cheateaux graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California and is board certified in orthopedics. She has enjoyed the opportunity to enhance and restore her patients' quality of life for the past 12 years and continues to take pleasure in treating a wide variety of conditions and age groups. 

She has certifications for treating fitness athletes (cert-CFMA) focused on CrossFit and Barbell athletes, Functional Trigger Point Dry Needling, and Blood Flow Restriction Training.  She has done additional course work in manual therapies, treatment of special populations such as Pregnant and Postpartum athletes, concussion / vestibular disorders, dance and gymnastics.  She also aided in creating sport specific training programs to improve performance, and minimize injury for youth athletes/teams.  She has her CF-Level 2 and enjoys coaching Crossfit classes through the week.  Lastly she is Adjunct Faculty with South College University DPT program and a teaching assistant with the Institute of Clinical Evidence.  Dr Jami is a forever student and thrives on continuing to improve her skills and maximize therapeutic benefit for her patients. 

Through her many years of participation in activities such as Dance, Skiing Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Surfing, Wakeboarding/Wake-surfing, Water-skiing, Rock Climbing, Stand-Up Paddling (ocean, flat-water and whitewater), and Yoga; she incurred many injuries requiring rehabilitation.  This led her to a strong commitment to functional fitness, CrossFit and weight training all of which has improved her sport performance as well as overall fitness.  In addition she found her increased physical strength impacted her mental toughness and helped her to continue to pursue all the activities she loves with confidence.   She utilizes these attributes to take her patients from injury through recovery back to high level performance.   

In addition to Crossfit, Dr Jami can be found playing on her surfboard, snow skis, yoga mat, rock climbing, running, in dance classes or on bikes, while accompanied by her daughter Tiare and Australian Shepard Kekoa.

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