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"Jami has a talent for identifying the root cause of problems and working to develop both realistic and effective treatment. She is hands down the best PT I've ever worked with."

“Jami has helped me through knee surgery and other injuries. She is the best! Super knowledgeable and dedicated to helping her patients heal quickly.”

“Jami is amazing! Her knowledge and skill invokes healing. She cares for her patients and ultimately wants them to find a happy, healthy and pain free life with infinite possibilities.”

“Jami is a true professional with a personal touch! Amazing understanding of the body in motion, amazing results!”

“Jami is amazing and knows what she is doing. I've worked with her for the last several years for various injuries and have been able to return to full activity.”

“Jami is a profoundly empathetic and knowledgeable person with a self evident passion to her profession. With her I can be confident of care that looks at the whole individual.”

“So excited anytime I can get help from Dr. Jami ‘magic hands’ Cheateaux. She always helps me move efficiently and effectively!”

 “Dr. Jami Cheateaux does a body good! Heart and soul!!!”

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